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Waterfalls in Goa


The moment you hear the name 'Goa', you are instantly reminded of long stretches of excellent beaches and water streaming up to your feet. It is one of India's best beach vacation destinations, and for the general population who just depend on the beaches, come here only to discover that, beaches are not the only attraction.

Goa is a verdant haven limited by the dense Western Ghats on one side and the impressive Arabian Sea on the other side. Goa, a small green area encompassed by sky-blue waters on the West Coast of India, with its characteristic beauty, appealing beaches and popular tourist spots and rich Anglo-Indian legacy, is an incredible destination to explore. It is known as the pearl of the east.

Other than the remarkable and strikingly wonderful beaches, Goa is blessed with lakes, waterfalls and springs of unmatched magnificence. They are situated away from the madding city, far from the coast and all the humdrum.

The Waterfalls of Goa are ideal spots of relaxation as they are situated far from the bustling crowd of the streets. There are 8 known waterfalls of Goa which rise up to awesome statures and cascade through the rough landscapes. These fascinating and undulating falls of brilliant gushes draw in swarms of visitors looking for serenity and the opportunity to enjoy nature’s beauty in isolation, completely disengaged from civilization and the swarmed beaches of Goa.

ViewGoa presents a rundown of 8 best Waterfalls in Goa.

The Dudhsagar Falls

The glorious and the most delightful waterfall in Goa are the Dudhsagar falls. Sited on the fringe of Goa and Karnataka, on the River Mandovi, the Dudhsagar waterfalls are only 46 km in distance from Madgaon railroad station. The milky white appeal of the water appears to fall as though a drain is streaming by, and is subsequently named, ‘Dudhsagar’, which mean ‘ocean of milk’. These waterfalls are most alluring post monsoons when they accelerate in speed and plunge 310 meters (1,020 ft) down, making it the sixth tallest waterfalls in India, after the Nohsngithiang Falls (1,033 ft) in Meghalaya, India. Read more about Dudhsagar Falls

The Arvalem Falls

A short 10-minute drive from the Arvalem Caves, close to Sanquelim, is where the Arvalem falls can be sighted. These falls merit a view post monsoons, as it is the perfect time to watch the falls emerge to its full glory, as it nosily advances through the rough mountains, encompassed by utmost greenery. They cascade down to a stream during the winters and plunge 50 meters down. They offer an ideal spot for a day-out picnic for the nearby locals. Read More about Arvalem Falls

The Sada Falls & Trek

Sada falls are situated in the Ghats of Chorla, about 8 km far from a small village town. Individuals need to cross the streams to arrive at the base of these waterfalls, which ends up being an energizing and courageous adventure. Toward the end of a long trek, through the streams, you witness the Saga falls plunging between two adjoining slopes offering a stunning view. Read More

The Netravali Waterfalls - Savari Falls & Mainapi Falls

The falls of Netravali are arranged in Sanguem Taluka namely, the Savari Falls and the Mainapi Falls. These falls are sited over a region of 211 sq. km. They lie at the Netravali Wildlife Sanctuary, associated with the Mhadei Wildlife Sanctuary. The legislature had declared the whole area be under the sanctuary to safeguard the Western Ghats. Individuals arrive through the sanctuary and walk through the waters to arrive at an island sort of place and take a perspective of the surroundings around the falls that is simply mesmerizing. Read More

The Kuskem Falls

The Kuskem falls are situated in the Canacona Taluka of South Goa. The water plunges from elevated slants and streams like clear water. It is not as well known as the Dudhsagar or Aravalem falls, but is best visited post monsoons when it offers a spectacular view to visitors. Read More

The Tambdi Surla Falls

Trekking through the Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary will lead you to the stunning Tambdi Surla waterfalls. There is a holy sanctuary dated back to the fifteenth century of Lord Shiva and a must visit when you arrive at the foot of the waterfalls. The water cascades from the slopes and offer are a stupendous perspective with greenery all around because of the dense growth of shrubs and trees. Read More

The Kesarval Falls

The Kesarval falls can be sited 22 km from Panji on the Verna level. The falls are surrounded by tropical forests and betel palms. The word 'Kersar Val' was derived from the Indian expression for eagles and those who used to maintain the settlements there. The water is favored for its therapeutic powers and is a bath place for the inhabitants residing nearby. Read More

The Hivre Falls

The Hivre waterfalls flows across a small town secured with green magnificence. There are smaller streams that run through; all packed together. It is a perfect spot for the locals and tourists to admire nature’s bounties and enjoy trekking. The falls are located close to the Valpoi city. Read More