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Things to do in Goa

In Goa, it is said that life is a beach. Subsequently, as the "Beach capital of India", everything in Goa spins around these brilliant sandy beaches. Nonetheless, Goa is honored with a few other appealing fortunes that are still unexplored.

You will be astonished to realize that besides the spectacular beaches, this tropical heaven is also dabbed with unlimited varieties of natural and man-made charms, which will, without a doubt, add an extra edge to your Goa vacation. Other than entertaining yourself with activities such as sunbathing at the beach, you can experiment with other energizing things to do in Goa to make your vacation an ordeal of a lifetime.

There is multitude fun and thrilling things to do in Goa and View Goa presents a list of activities that can enhance your vacation experience and make it memorable.

Sightseeing Tours in Goa

Goa is a rich and dynamic state that has numerous tourist spots and sightseeing options. Thus, a sightseeing tour in Goa is the most ideal approach to witness the ancient Portuguese charm, which is still conspicuous in the state. The Monuments of Goa, old legacy, heritage homes, and Mansions; all reflect the Portuguese touch in their design and are genuine visual treats. You can likewise explore the collection at Art Galleries of Goa, and get an astute perspective of Goa's brilliant past. Read more

Beach Parties in Goa

The "things to do in Goa" list is incomplete without incorporating the spectacular beach parties held in Goa. Be it, New Year's or Christmas Carnivals, Beaches of Goa turn into the focal point of attraction. Indeed, these Goan beaches are well known on the global tourist map, for amazing rave parties, which are unparalleled. A few beach side resorts and hotels organize amiable beach parties on different events for their visitors. Thus, while on your Goa trip, do not forget go to these beach parties. Read More

Adventure Activities in Goa

In case you are an Adventure buff, then Goa is the perfect destination for you. The endless sandy stretches of Goa are surely famous for its different thrilling Water Sports that include swimming, snorkeling, surfing, scuba diving, deep-sea diving, kayaking, parasailing and so forth. Besides these immensely delightful water sports, you can enjoy a surge of the white influxes of the Arabian Sea that touches the shorelines as you surf or swim. Experience the adrenalin rush of indulging with untamed waves. Read More

Shopping at Goa's Flea Markets

The Flea Market Shopping at Goa’s beaches is a standout amongst the most adored activities in Goa in which you can completely splurge. The flea markets retail wonderful antiquities made from seashells, popular garments and adornments made from bright globules and so forth. You can even relish on some authentic Goan cuisines in this market. Explore the shops or flea markets at the beaches of Goa and take home memorable souvenirs for your loved ones and friends. Read More

Worshiping At Religious Places in Goa

Goa is a fine example of mutual concordance. Each niche and corner of this coastal area is dabbed with religious places to visit; both of Christians and Hindus, which reflect the universal secularism of India. A percentage of the exceptionally venerated spots of Goa are its Churches and Temples. A visit to these otherworldly places will empower you to feel the heavenliness in Goa's environment. Read More

Enjoy a Bike Ride to the Goan Countryside

A bike ride across the countryside of Goa is an interesting activity to pursue. Biking is another mainstream thing to do in Goa and one of the best alternatives to explore the lesser known regions of Goa – the countryside. There are numerous motorbike rent services that offer bikes on rent letting you explore that aspect of Goa which is still under a cloak. Read More

Make the most of Goa's Nightlife

Goa Nightlife is the coolest, happening and most bewitching activity to experience the Goan vibe. Whenever we talk of Goa entertaining, the main thing that strikes is certainly the sparkling Goa rave parties and Goa beach parties that define the Nightlife of Goa. It is the best way to experience the excitement of visiting Goa, and furthermore, the best entertainment option to have a great time when vacationing in Goa. Read More