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Goa Location

Goa is the smallest coastal state of India, situated on the Western shoreline of the Indian landmass. The location of Goa is such that it is flanked by Maharashtra to the north and Karnataka to its south. The compelling Arabian Sea captures its western end.

Geographical Location of Goa

The geological area of Goa is between 15°48'00" North to 14°53'54" North Latitude and 74° 20'13" East to 73° 40'33" East Longitudes. Due its area close to the ocean, Goa encounters the sea atmosphere which makes it the ideal region for an excursion or beach vacation getaway.

What is the region of Goa famed for?

The location of Goa close to the ocean was good for the Portuguese to set up and enjoy one of the most prosperous exchange in trade and merchandise in Asia. Goa was known for its spice plantations comprising of exotic spices that are high in demand by worldwide spice merchants and consumers. This was traded by the Portuguese to nations in north and South East Asia. Likewise, Goa had a characteristic harbor which made it simpler for the boats to dock here. One can, at present, see the harbor situated in Goa, but, for most part, in remnants.

The location of Goa is such that it is flanked by the Western Ghats along the coast that gives it the perfect scenic backdrop for an unforgettable vacation. The Western Ghats are the ideal area for the untamed wildlife to thrive under natural conditions and also give the ideal nature getaway to nature enthusiast to explore and invest energy with nature.

How to arrive at Goa?

The shorelines or beaches in Goa are the most prevalent getaway destinations for travelers and tourists to enjoy. Moreover, water sports in Goa beaches are a hit among locals and visitors alike. The perfect area of Goa, likewise, makes it easy to access the state via Airport link, Railway link and Seaway, effortlessly.