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The surreal beauty of Goa is captivating. Its verdant lofty mountains act as the perfect backdrop to open clear blue seawaters that serenade sandy beaches. A few beaches in Goa also witness the presence of grand formidable forts and ancient cathedrals. Indeed, Goa presents a comprehensive vacation experience for every visitor. One can either relax on a sun bed sipping a drink or laze around under the sun or one can unleash their party animal at happening hotspots and club beaches in Goa.

Anyone looking for thrilling and adrenaline-packed activities will discover plenty of action on Goa beaches while History enthusiast and devout souls will find their space in Old Goa that is home to varied ancient ornate churches, majestic cathedrals and ancient temples - each with its own intriguing past to tell. A foodie can relish innumerable Goan cuisines and local gourmet delights prepared in interesting Portuguese and Konkan cooking styles.

To sum it up, between Goa's Portuguese history, its quintessential fishing village appeal, its world-renowned beaches, ancient churches and temples, spice plantations and warming paddy fields, Goa has something for every traveler – avid and discerning ones. This little patch on the west coast of India is large hearted and welcoming. Though the Portuguese reign between 1510 and 1961 has left its imprint and influence on its local language, cuisine, religion, music, and heritage, Goa has managed to recreate its own character that makes it intriguing and compelling.

The Goa beaches and lush hilly landscapes are nature's gifts and now it is complemented with water sports, and varied lively activities that make Goa everyone's favorite.